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ATM Purchase

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Pick your ATM (We highly recommend the Halo 2) #1 in the Canada. Click the link below to learn more.

ATM Purchase

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Decide whether to lease the ATM Machine, or purchase it with a credit card or call us (1 888-407-3662).

ATM Purchase

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ATM arrives in about a week ready to be installed by us or you with our assistance.

ATM Purchase

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You can start making money on surcharges while reducing your credit card expenses.

Halo Hyosung 2

The modern and elegant design of the NH-2700CE Series is like no other ATM machine. It is a powerful blend of technology and design.

Genmega 2500 ATM

Designed for retail and off-premise locations, the G2500 comes loaded with all the features you expect, and also provides additional hardware configuration choices allowing you to custom fit each machine to the needs of your customer or location.

Buy TRinton-Argo First National ATM ATM leasing


Triton Argo Atm Machines, Triton is introducing its first-ever touchscreen ATMs with the Argo line — including a low-end model with a 7-inch touchscreen interface.

Canada ATM'S

Easy ATM Leasing And Sales

As one of Canada’s oldest and largest independent operators of ATM machines, we can help you! Whether you are looking for a low cost ATM for your business, or a wholesale ATM that you can operate as an ATM Distributor, First National ATM can assist you in not only choosing an ATM machine, but we also provide 100% of the services needed to operate your ATM. We provide ATM Machines, ATM Processing, ATM Vault Cash, ATM tech support, as well as full ATM maintenance and repair services throughout Canada. Using our local service technicians, we will provide the services you need to profitably run your ATM, or even provide you with a free ATM machine if you have sufficient traffic to qualify. We have local service techs available in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Newfoundland, Manitoba, as well as the Maritimes and all parts in between!

We offer all types of ATMs, including the Hyosung Halo ATM, Genmega ATM, Hantle ATMs, Triton ATMs (including the Triton Argo and Triton Traverse) and offer the latest technology from NCR ATM and Diebold ATM. In addtion, we service Tidel ATMs as well as WRG and Tranax ATMs. See below for our program details.

ATM fees America And Abroad.

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Get your new ATM delivered at no extra cost to your business location. Just follow these simple steps to get started.
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Learn how to lease an ATM machine for your business today. It only takes a minute to get started.
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Need to more information regarding ATM makes and models before making a decision. Follow the link below.
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ATM's Include

All of our ATMs come with

Fast Shipping

Depending on where you are, Your new ATM can be in your store in just a few days. We ship from our Mississauga warehouse directly to your location. Call us today to learn more.

Free transaction processing

That's right - You get 100% of the surcharge! Interac pays us a few cents per transaction, which allows us to provide you with the free bank sponsorship and tech support needed to operate your new ATM.

Free Tech support & Training

You can count on our friendly and knowledgeable technical support and training

Free 24 hr web reporting

First National ATM provides merchant partners with an easy to use ATM Web reporting. You can even communicate with your ATM for free using your cell phone!

(High lighted topper - $95

ATM toppers are great for a branded lobby walk up, island drive up and weatherized enclosures.

Free first roll of paper

ATM Receipt Paper Rolls from POSPaper with standard or custom printing. Equipped for high-volume ATMs.

Buy Popular ATM's

Popular ATM'S Used In Canada

First National ATM is one of the world’s largest operators of high quality,
trouble-free cash dispensers. As a Master Distributor of
GenMega and Hyosung ATMs, FNA operates over 2,000 ATMs
in all Canadian Provinces, as well as 44 U.S. States.

Hyosung ATM

Hyosung is the largest retail ATM manufacturer in Canada, with over 60,000 units in service across North America. Hyosung manufactures an extremely reliable, fully upgradeable ATM that delivers the services needed today and in the future. Their design is very modern and invites
customers which helps to maximize your returns.

GenMega ATM

GenMega has been a manufacturer of ATM and Transactional Kiosk solutions since 2006 with well over 50,000 units deployed worldwide. With modular components, our ATMs are “plug & play”. If something breaks, we simply unplug the bad part and plug in a new one and the machine is back in operation!

Why do we recommend them? Simple. They are the most
reliable ATMs available today. If the ATM stops running,
neither you, your customer or FNA makes any money.

Easy Start-up

Buy Canada ATM

Canada ATM: First National ATM, based in Mississauga, Ontario is one of Canada leading ATM companies and provider of ATM services throughout Canada. We offer Canadian ATM programs for merchants and businesses of every size throughout Canada including Halifax, Nova Scotia; Edmonton, Alberta; Moncton, New Brunswick; Toronto, Ontario; St John, Newfoundland and all parts in between. Please contact us to purchase, lease or to get a free ATM for your Canadian business., 

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Transaction Processing

ATM Transaction Processing Canada

First National ATM, provides crystal-clear connections to all major processing networks including Interac, Cirrus, Maestro, Plus, as well as access to government benefits programs.

Three Options

When In Need Of A Canada ATM

FREE PLACEMENT: How Free Canada ATM’s Placement Works First National ATM’s “Free ATM Placement Program” is best suited for high traffic locations looking for that “No Cost – Turnkey” ATM solution. With years of experience, and over 5000 ATM’s deployed, you can rest assured that First National ATM understands and implements every detail that is required to maintain a reliable and profitable high volume ATM machine



With other companies, buying your first ATM machine can be a nerve racking experience. It seems that other ATM companies just don’t tell you what to expect when buying your very own ATM. At First National ATM, we do the exact opposite: We pride ourselves in providing the industry’s most comprehensive ATM ownership training program designed with reliability and profitability in mind. As one of Canada’s oldest and most trusted ATM operators, you can depend on us. We are your experts for Canada ATM’S

Not only will we help you choose the very best ATM for your current application, but we will assist you through the entire setup process – programming your new ATM, the best installation practices, handling service issues, troubleshooting, and monitoring your ATM. We will also be available to you 24 hours a day for any challenges that may arise along the way.

Yes, that’s right; you keep the entire surcharge amount and pay absolutely nothing for the transaction processing. We setup and provide all transaction processing free of charge to all of our customers. So, for an example, if you set your surcharge at $2.00 and you process 500 transactions a month. The total surcharge revenue you earned is $1,000. You will receive your surcharge revenue on the 8th of the following month via direct deposit through Interac, Canada’s largest ATM network service provider.

When buying an ATM machine, you will obviously have miscellaneous expenses associated with ownership. Expenses such as receipt paper and miscellaneous parts that may go bad over the years. When the time arises, and you are in need of receipt paper or parts, please call on us toll free at 877-696-7286 and we will have these supplies shipped asap to your location, and will walk you through any simple repair. We can also dispatch one of our local certified techs to your site to handle the issue from start to finish.


How Canada ATM Partnership Works

First National ATM’s “Partnership Program” is designed for high traffic locations with D.I.Y business owners in mind. This program is very similar to our free placement program except for one thing: You will use your own cash to keep the ATM full. That’s it, everything else will be paid for and handle by First National ATM. With years of experience, and over 5000 ATM’s deployed, you can rest assured that First National ATM understands what it takes to maintain a reliable and profitable high volume ATM machine.

Many of the free ATM placements we deploy are placed on armored car cash services to ensure cash is available at all times. This is one huge difference between First National ATM and most ATM companies.

By joining our free ATM placement program, you will earn a percentage of the surcharge revenue from each and every transaction. Your percentage can vary between 25% – 50% depending on the location and the surcharge total for each transaction.

Now you are able to log in online and view your transaction stats in real time as they happen. So long are the days of relying on receiving your statement in the mail to see how many transactions your ATM did for the prior month. Now you can run the reports yourself anytime you feel the need.

We handle everything from the cost of the ATM machine, installation, maintenance, cash services, insurance, ATM signage, paper supplies, ATM processing, and more.
ATM’s Canada

Other Popular

Canada ATM Models

Genmega-2500 ATM

One Of The Leading ATM Machines Throughout The United States And Canada.

Triton-Argo ATM

The modern and elegant design of the NH-2700CE Series is like no other ATM. Call Today!

Genmega-3000T ATM

The new Hyosung HALO II ATM features a sleek new design inspired bylines of Apple®

Triton-Traverse ATM

Triton Argo Atm Machines, Triton is introducing its first-ever touchscreen ATMs

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