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Common ATM Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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ATM Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The things are ATM customers commonly ask.  If you don’t see the answer to your questions below please contact our office for additional assistance.  We’ll gladly answer any question or concern you have.

6 out of 10 Americans use cash machines twice each week.  The average transaction is $60.00.  Bank cash machines average 6,400 transactions per month.  The surcharge on the bank machine can be set from $1.00 to $5.00 or whatever the market will bear.  Every time a client accesses their bank or credit card using your machine, a fee is payable directly to you.

We are a full service provider of ATM services and solutions to financial institutions and retail establishments. We currently deliver the most advanced hardware, software, and communications technologies to customers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our services include: ATM Sales and leasing, ATM vault cash for cash stocking your ATM, ATM Maintenance, ATM Monitoring & Dispatch, and ATM Equipment Leasing.

This is the ultimate vending machine. When a unit is installed in your location, there are few costs. This gives you the unique pleasure of having little or no fixed expenses while selling a very strong product, which is well received.

We accept most major credit cards; Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus, Plus, Interac, AFFN, STAR, MAC and most others.

The ATM dials a toll free number to our processor, who adds the surcharge amount and then sends the transaction to the customer’s bank for verification of funds & approval. Once authorization is received, approval is returned to the ATM, which dispenses the requested amount of cash.

No. The ATM has a card reader requiring the cardholder to dip the card into the slot and remove it. The customer holds the card the whole time.

Hyosung is one of the largest manufacturers of dial up Automated Bank Machines. Hyosung ATM, a division of Hyosung International, is one of the largest high tech manufacturing companies in the world. Presently there are over 50,000 Hyosung ATM machines operational in the U.S alone.

The ATM has a small “foot print”. Height is 52”, width 19”, depth 22”. The weight of the Hyosung 1800 is 275 lbs.

The ATM is bolted to the floor with four-inch concrete bolts, which can withstand up to 50,000 lbs. of pressure.

The amount of cash depends on the transaction volume. Our experience is that average dispense from an ATM is $50. At 10 transactions per day, you would load about $500 each day. It is up to you whether you want to fill it daily or weekly, or monthly.

You may design this portion of your business to make as much as you wish. You may wish to have the ATM just for a convenience to your customers. You may wish to have the ATM as a profit center for the store.

Your machine may require minor repair periodically. ATM manufacturers spend millions of Dollars designing the equipment so it is reliable and user friendly. The units rarely malfunction, but if a unit does need servicing, repairs may be done within minutes by contacting our toll free help desk at 1 888 407 3662. A portion of the processing fee can be used to cover all parts and labor costs for the term of the Processing Agreement.

You and your staff will be trained in the use of the machine and there is a support team to assist you. The standard training only requires about 15 minutes and will be provided at no cost.

The ATM machines rely on P.I.N. (Personal Identification Numbers) versus signatures, like credit cards, therefore it is each cardholders responsibility to keep their number secret. The cardholders bank authorizes all completed transactions that are done at you’re ATM

All withdrawals from your ATM prior to 2:00 PM CST will be deposited the next business day directly to the account of the company or person providing the cash for inside the machine. In addition, the surcharge amount will be deposited in the same account. For transactions after 2PM, the deposit will be made to your account the next business day following the transaction. Just like the Banks, on the weekend the money will be deposited on Monday.

All our ATM machines must go through a rigorous “mean time to failure” test and a series of Interac tests, prior to being approved and certified by the major processing networks, such as VISA and MasterCard. We are governed by the same regulations that govern banks. Our ATM’s are “live” with the financial institution and receive authorization codes from the cardholders bank prior to dispensing.

You can load $10 or $20 bills directly from your register, or from your local bank. Try to pick to best quality bills to ensure a smooth dispense.

No. However, an ATM owner should insure the ATM and it’s contents. We recommend removing all cash at night, and leaving the door open, to keep the honest people honest.

 One- cassette unit holds from 1000 – 2,000 new bills or 800 – 1,800 used bills. A two-cassette unit holds 4,000 new bills or 3,600 used bills. Typically, you would only load the amount you think will dispense during the day.

Yes. We recommend our standard inside sign package and decals free with all ATM Leases. We also have optional exterior and lighted signs.

Once purchased and paid in full, the ATM is yours. Should you wish to sell your business and/or the ATM inside, we will continue to supply service to the new purchaser of your business. Your site with an ATM inside is more valuable than your site without one. Any prospective purchaser will look at an ATM on site as a great anchor service that adds to the credibility and profitability of your establishment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Genmega 3000 AMT Machine The Lowest priced through wall ATM.

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The 9100 is our best selling ATM. This extremely popular machine.

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