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Customer Services And Technical Support

Customer Services And Technical Support.
Contact Our Tech Support Team Today Toll Free: 1-888-971-3116

Warranty orders received by 3pm EST are shipped next day air. ATM signage and supplies normally are delivered within 5 to 10 business days.

Service for your ATM is just a phone call away. Our experienced technicians may be able to solve your ATM problem over the phone. Simply call our technical support desk at (877) 696-7286 and we can arrange for replacement parts and, if necessary, call out one of our nationwide service technicians to repair your ATM. We have local technicians in every US State and Canadian Province.

The correct course of action would be to have the customer contact their financial institution directly to handle any reimbursement of funds. Have the customer keep their receipt, they will need to provide this information to their financial institution. Never give the customer monies from your store. The transaction will be taken care of by the ATM processor and the customer’s financial institution.

There are times when your ATM may have an error not listed in the guide. These errors are referred to as “undefined errors” and normally can be cleared by simply powering down the ATM and powering it up again. If the same error persists contact our technical support center at 888-696-7286 for further assistance.

This indicates that there is a problem with the phone line. There are a few things you should check to narrow down the problem.

1. Make sure the phone line coming out of the ATM is plugged into the phone jack in the wall.

2. Plug a normal phone into the phone jack and see if you get a dial tone.

3. If you get a dial tone, try dialing a number to see if the call connects properly. If all of these tests pass contact our technical support center at 888-696-7286 for further assistance.

If you don’t get a dial tone or the call does not connect, contact your phone company to check the line.

Operating the Combination Lock on a Hyosung or Genmega ATM

At the top of the dial ring, an index is provided for normal dialing and opening. This is a precision lock, therefore, extreme care must be used to align the combination number with the index.

Turn the dial slowly and steadily. If after turning the correct number of revolutions, any number is turned beyond the index, the entire series of combination numbers must be re-dialed.


Each time a selected number is aligned with the opening index, a revolution is counted.

To Unlock on a Factory Setting – For Example “50-25-50”

1. Turn the dial to the LEFT, stopping when “50” is aligned with the opening index, the FOURTH time.

2. Turn the dial to the RIGHT, stopping when “25” is aligned with the opening index, the THIRD time.

3. Turn the dial to the LEFT, stopping when “50” is aligned with the opening index, the SECOND time.

4. Turn the dial slowly to the RIGHT until the bolt retracts.

To Lock 1. Turn dial to the LEFT at least four full revolutions.

One of the first things you should realize before you dole out the cash to get an ATM business off the ground is that simply having the ATM machine isn’t going to do you a bit of good. The person who has a dozen ATM machines in the garage is no more in the ATM business than the person with no ATM machines at all. So what does it take to get an ATM business started?

The three most important rules of real estate apply to the ATM business opportunity. It’s all about location, location and (of course) location. If you have poor positioning for your ATMs, you’ll probably not do much better than if you had them in your garage.

So the first step is not only to find the machines, but to decide what you’re going to do with them once you have them. Some ATM manufacturing companies offer help finding locations, and some ATM franchise companies offer help finding the machines. Which way you start is merely a point of personal preference.

If you choose a franchise, keep in mind that there are likely to be some franchise rules you’ll be expected to follow. The extent of these rules will depend on the franchise because there is no typical franchise contract. Each franchise parent company sets rules for themselves, and those decisions are up to the franchiser as long as they don’t violate any rules governing the use of ATM machines.

Franchises do often offer one major benefit in the form of support. A franchise parent company may very well be able to train you in the management of your ATM business, down to bookkeeping and maintenance of machines.

The reliability of your ATM machines will depend largely on your manufacturer – some are simply at the top of game in this sector while others aren’t. We highly recommend Genmega ATM, Hyosung ATM and Triton ATM. You may find that the cheapest source of ATM machines isn’t the best source. Here’s why reliability is such an important factor in your effort to start an ATM business.

If a consumer is headed to an ATM machine, it’s probably because he or she needs cash. It may be for an impulse purchase or for an emergency car repair – but the fact remains that the person is looking for money. If your ATM machine isn’t working on that particular day (or worse, malfunctions mid-transaction), that person will probably be able to go to another ATM machine to get the cash they need. You’ve lost the profit from that particular transaction. But worse, you’ve probably lost future transactions because that person is going to remember your ATM as the one that didn’t work, and won’t even bother to stop there next time.

After choosing the manufacturer and locations for your ATM business, you’ve still got some hurdles to clear. You’ll have to set up a routine of servicing machines (whether you do it yourself or hire it to be done). You need to have a regular maintenance program in place, and to have a plan for when problems occur.

Setting up an ATM business isn’t a process that’s going to be completed and off the ground in an hour or two, but just take a look at the number of successful ATM businesses in existence. This is an endeavor that’s likely to be well worth your time, effort and financial investment.

Cashless Scrip ATM

Cashless Scrip ATM machines – How Cashless Scrip ATM Machines Can Work For You

The words “cashless” and “ATM machines” simply don’t seem to belong in the same sentence. After all, what service could a cashless ATM possibly offer? Actually, cashless scrip ATM machines are becoming more widely acceptable, and offer one of the most important things to the merchant – the potential for higher earnings. Take a look at the concept, how it works and how you can put it to work for you.

In reality, the concept has nothing to do with not spending or receiving money, but with spending money without using cash or writing a check. Instead, the customer simply swipes a card and the transaction is completed. While it’s fairly common already to have credit and debit card terminals set up at checkout stands, one point to keep in mind is that these transactions come with a price. Typically, the merchant pays a set fee for each transaction.

So what if you could eliminate the transaction fee? What would it be worth to you? Before you answer, stop to consider how much that fee is currently costing you. If it’s a flat fee of fifty cents per transaction, for example, would it be worth fifty cents if that fee didn’t apply? And what if you could then use that transaction fee – in whatever amount you choose – to encourage the shopper to return? This is one of the benefits of cashless scrip ATM machines.

Are They Free

So are these ATM points free? Actually, the customer pays a convenience fee, just as they would if they used a traditional ATM machine. So where’s the advantage? When people are shopping, they’re typically not worrying about a dollar (or even two or three) that they’ll be charged for using an ATM machine. The same is typically true of the transactions on cashless scrip ATM machines.

In marketing, “soft benefits” is the term given to some benefit of shopping in a particular place. If you, as the merchant, can offer your transaction fee back to the customer, it might be just the slight incentive needed to encourage that customer to make a return visit. Even though the actual cash amount isn’t likely to be significant, you’re building good will – a feeling that will likely remain with the customer long past the moment when the last bit of wrapping paper is being crammed into the trash.

More Benefits

Other benefits of cashless scrip ATM machines are evident in the environment. The customer will typically receive two receipts for the transaction, but other paper receipts are eliminated. The result is less need for paper and less paper to throw in the trash – both good ideas for the environment.

Finally, you can point out the ultimate convenience of this type of transaction. Checkouts are faster because your customers aren’t standing in line writing checks. Approval is almost instant and there’s no need to make change. If you, as a merchant, are able to offer the very cutting edge of technology as a means to convenient shopping, your customers are going to remember you.

GENMEGA ATM Machines – Cash To Go

For more than two decades, GENMEGA ATM has been making self-service technology that works. It’s this commitment to excellence that’s made GENMEGA a popular option when it comes to ATM machines.

If you’re considering setting up an ATM or adding to your existing network of ATMs, you have to ask yourself a couple of questions. What is it that makes ATM machines profitable? What can cut down those profits? What can you offer that will make people pass up some other ATM to choose your GENMEGA ATM machines?

One of the reasons people use ATM machines at all is convenience. Every single thing you can do to add to that convenience increases the potential that your ATM will be profitable. That means that you may very well need to check out GENMEGA ATM machines to see what innovations make these even more convenient.

Maybe you’re not even looking for a network of ATMs, but are looking for a way to make your existing business more profitable. Think an ATM can’t help?

One of the innovations that emerged from GENMEGA ATM is the combination ATM and ticketing kiosk. Just consider the problem some people face at movie theaters. It’s not until they arrive that they realize that they don’t have enough cash for movie tickets. They may very well scramble around to find an ATM machine, or they may simply go to a video store that will accept their credit or debit card and take their evening’s entertainment home – unless you can make it easy to overcome this problem.

With a combination ATM and ticketing kiosk from GENMEGA, you can. What can be easier than using the ATM machine to pay for the desired tickets AND get enough cash for popcorn and a soft drink? This is just one of the many options you’ll get with Genmega ATM machines.

You’ll find GENMEGA ATM machines that offer coin exchange and check cashing capabilities as well as bill payment kiosks and bill payment kiosk- all designed to help you provide a wider array of services for your customers. And everyone knows that the additional services translate to higher profit margins.

But just as is true with any technology, the needs don’t start and stop with the ATM machine, even if it is at the top of the game. You have to find several ways to attract customers. Genmega ATM machines are built to be located in a variety of situations, including “through the wall” models. You’ll also find an array of signs, stickers and other accessories to help you attract those necessary customers, and even a surge protector to help protect your investment from an electrical surge that could put your ATM out of commission – resulting in lost profits for you and a loss of confidence from your customers.


GENMEGA is headquartered in California. The company touts the installation of more than 60,000 ATM machines of various capabilities. If you’ve been thinking about the possibilities of an ATM machine, or just hoping to add to your current ATM network, take a look at what Genmega has to offer.

Hyosung ATM Machines – When You Can’t Wait to Get Started

Need More Income?

Have you been thinking about the potential income possibilities of ATM machines and thinking you’d like to get in on that action? Do you immediately follow that thought with the recognition that you can’t possibly afford to buy those machines outright? Take a look at HYOSUNG ATM machines, and then look at the company’s affordable lease-purchase options. You may find that you’re closer to being ready to start a lucrative ATM business than you thought.

You can choose from the very basic HYOSUNG ATM machines to the Hyosung 5000 with multi-media capabilities. This particular machine can meet the demands of today’s complicated transactions. For example, the 5000 can serve as a very basic ATM, completing cash transactions with a minimum of bother. But you may be missing out on a very important customer base by not offering check cashing. The 5000 can take care of those customers who need to cash specific kinds of checks as well.

The wide-screen monitor can be used for advertising – another potential source of income. Or you can offer up short entertainment clips to play as your customers wait for their transactions to be completed. Think that’s pretty incredible? Your customers will too, especially when they find out they can purchase various tickets and even pay for travel arrangements, all through this one handy location.

If you think service of your ATM machine is important, you’re right. Hyosung recognizes both that service is sometimes required and that you may prefer your own service technician over Hyosung service providers. If that’s the case, you can quickly order and track parts through the company’s website. Just choose the parts you need and place your order. If you wonder where the part is, when it was mailed or when it’s due to arrive to you, just go back to the website and check the status of the part. It’s all designed to help your business be as profitable as possible.

If you’re looking to increase your ATM network overseas, Hyosung may very well have the answers you’re looking for. Take a minute to consider that Hyosung ATM machines are currently located in some thirty-eight countries, according to information from Hyosung.

Security is always an issue and Hyosung ATM machines have been at the cutting edge of technology for many years with security-minded machines. After creating the technology designed to deter would-be robbers, Hyosung moved right on to offer the first dial-up ATM available to the general public. These ATM machines are also very compact so that they’ll fit in the smallest imaginable space, all aimed at what the company calls “low cost, high reliability” technology. When you consider Hyosung ‘s commitment to developing new ideas, you can probably imagine yourself as part of this winning team. This company is based in California and produces a variety of self-service machines, such as ATMs.

•ATM Cabinets – Need an ATM Cabinet, or an ATM enclosure, or an ATM kiosk? ATM First National ATM has a huge selection for the most popular ATMs on the market. To see more, go to our ATM Cabinet page. How to Buy or Lease Atm Triton Traverse ATM ATM | ATM Processing | ATM Sales | ATM Placement | Wholesale Atm From First National Atm. First National ATM Put an ATM in Your Store and Help Increase Sales and Revenue. How to Buy or Lease Atm Wholesale Atm Free ATM Placement, The ATM Business, Triton ATM, Hyosung ATM, WRG ATM Machine for sale, ATM processing, Buy ATM Machine, BUY ATM FROM WHOLESALE ATM AND RECEIVE THE LOWEST ATM MACHINE PRICING. 2013 NEWS BUYING ATM MACHINE | LEASE ATM MACHINE CANADA CANADIAN ATM Wholesale ATM Machine Canada

Contact us anytime at 1 888-971-3116

The next question is how much will your new ATM machine cost. This question is a little harder to answer simply because there are so many ATM machines to choose from. Such as Class 1 Armored ATM machines, Indoor ATM machines like the Hyosung Halo ATM, Triton Traverse ATM – Triton Argo ATM, Genmega 2500, Genmega Through-The-Wall ATM machines, Cashless Scrip ATM, etc. But one thing I can tell you is that 75% of the ATM machines used in non-bank locations are non-armored ATM machines. A good non-armored ATM machine is the Gegmega 2500 ATM machine. The Triton 9100 ATM or the Gegmega 2500 can be purchased from us at A VERY LOW COST. The price for the Gegmega 2500 should range between $2,095 and $2,750 depending on what options you choose.

So there you have it, if you have customers that are currently asking you for the closest ATM, or if you have a large amount of foot traffic coming in or walking by your location on a daily basis. Then you will most definitely profit from owning an ATM machine.

Coming soon, we will have an online error guide that will give you a description and a corrective action to your error codes.

Many times the error code is only visible while you’re in the “Operator Function” menu. When you enter the “Operator Function” menu the error will be displayed in the center of the screen.

The receipt printer in your Hyosung or Genmega ATM is a thermal printer and will only print on one side of the paper. You can probably solve this by simply reversing the paper and re-feeding the paper back into the printer.

REPLENISHING CASH FOR Hyosung 1500 or Genmega ATM

1. From the “Welcome Screen”, press the CLEAR, CANCEL and ENTER keys simultaneously. Then press the 1, 2 and 3 keys in order.

2. Enter your 6 digit password

3. At the “Operator Function” menu, select “Settlement”.

4. At the “Settlement” menu, select “Cassette Total”. The “Cassette Total” info will be printed from the Receipt Printer. Save this receipt and compare to your cassette figures. Note: A “Cassette Total” resets the cassette figures back to zero.

5. Open safe and remove cassette. Count money in cassette and in reject bin. Compare this total to the “Cassette Total”. Record the amount of cash in cassette.

6. Add new cash to cassette along with the old cash. Record the total amount of bills in cassette (old bills and new bills).

7. At the “Settlement Menu” select “Add Cassette”.

8. Enter in the total amount of bills in cassette then press ENTER. Note: The window in the middle of the screen should read “Current # of bills =”. Make sure that the # is correct.

9. At the “Settlement” menu, select “Trial Cassette Total”. This will print out a receipt and it will show the new amounts in the cassette. Press ENTER. Note: Make sure you perform a “Trial Cassette Total” and not a “Cassette Total” at this time. A “Cassette Total” will reset the #’s back to zero, causing the machine to go out of service.

10. Press CANCEL until you get back to the “Welcome Screen”.

11. Verify that machine has an adequate amount of receipt paper left.

12. Please call us at 877-696-7286 if there are any supplies needed, or if you have any problems during the replenishment.

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