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Not only will we help you choose the very best ATM for your current application, but we will assist you through the entire setup process - programming your new ATM, the best installation practices, handling service issues, troubleshooting, and monitoring your ATM. We will also be available to you 24 hours a day for any challenges that may arise along the way.

Use Your Cash to Fill the ATM

The first questions you may ask yourself is, "How much cash do I need to fill my new ATM machine?" You will be pleasantly surprised that it takes much less than you think. For example, if you expect 5 transactions per day at the average withdrawal of $60, you only need to put $300 in each day. The second question is, "How do I get my money back after it is withdrawn from the ATM machine?" That's simple, as cash is withdrawn from the ATM, these funds are then redeposited back into your bank account in as little as 24 hours. So, you basically only need enough cash to keep the ATM full for the day. For security purposes, 1st ISO Processing recommends that you fill your ATM daily, and leave the door swung open at night. Bad guys hate empty machines! If you only want to stock it every two to three days, just add the amount equivalent to the number of days between stocking. Your money goes back to your bank with every transaction. Then simply withdraw the same funds and start the process all over again.

Online Real-Time Transaction Stats

Each ATM we place comes with complete online real-time stats. Now you are able to log in online and view your transaction stats in real time as they happen eother online or on your cell phone with our free App. Now you can run transaction reports any time you feel the need.

Leasing an ATM Machine

Leasing an ATM is like buying it over time. You can make payments for 24, 36 or 60 months, after which your last payment will be only $1.00. That’s right! After the lease you will own your ATM machine outright and may do with it as you please. Since ATMs last easily 10 years or more, most people simply keep the ATM in their store earning money, but you are also free to sell it or give it your brother in law!

The Entire Surcharge Is Yours

Yes, that's right. You keep the entire surcharge amount and pay absolutely nothing for the transaction processing. As long as you do 100 transactions per month or more, we setup and provide all transaction processing free of charge for all our customers. If you do less, there’s only a small charge for the bank sponsorship and tech support. You still get 100% of surcharge! So, for an example, if you set your surcharge at $2.00 and you process 500 transactions a month. The total surcharge revenue you earned is $1,000. You will receive your surcharge revenue each and every day along with any money that is withdrawn by your customers. Your transactions are guaranteed by MetaBank, one of the largest sponsors of ATMs in North America.

Other Costs Associated

When buying an ATM machine, you will obviously have miscellaneous expenses associated with ownership. Expenses such as receipt paper and miscellaneous parts that may go bad over the years. When the time arises, and you are in need of receipt paper or parts, please call on us and we will have these supplies shipped asap to your location and will walk you through the replacement process of these parts.

Financing available with approved credit

When you’re looking to purchase equipment for your location, a monthly payment finance program is often the best way to preserve your capital. That’s why we’ve partnered with several lease companies to offer a variety of affordable leasing options.

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