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Common Questions

Attract More Costumers

Need more customers? Having an ATM available at your business location can be the perfect solution. Letting customers withdrawal cash can increase your sales. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help.

Common Questions

We are a full service provider of ATM services and solutions to financial institutions and retail establishments. We currently deliver the most advanced hardware, software, and communications technologies to customers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our services include: ATM Sales and leasing, ATM vault cash for cash stocking your ATM, ATM Maintenance, ATM Monitoring & Dispatch, and ATM Equipment Leasing.

You may design this portion of your business to make as much as you wish. You may wish to have the ATM just for a convenience to your customers. You may wish to have the ATM as a profit center for the store.

Your machine may require minor repair periodically. ATM manufacturers spend millions of Dollars designing the equipment so it is reliable and user friendly. The units rarely malfunction, but if a unit does need servicing, repairs may be done within minutes by contacting our toll free help desk at 1 888 407 3662. A portion of the processing fee can be used to cover all parts and labor costs for the term of the Processing Agreement.

You and your staff will be trained in the use of the machine and there is a support team to assist you. The standard training only requires about 15 minutes and will be provided at no cost.

The ATM machines rely on P.I.N. (Personal Identification Numbers) versus signatures, like credit cards, therefore it is each cardholders responsibility to keep their number secret. The cardholders bank authorizes all completed transactions that are done at you’re ATM.

All withdrawals from your ATM prior to 2:00 PM CST will be deposited the next business day directly to the account of the company or person providing the cash for inside the machine. In addition, the surcharge amount will be deposited in the same account. For transactions after 2PM, the deposit will be made to your account the next business day following the transaction. Just like the Banks, on the weekend the money will be deposited on Monday.

Popular Questions

This is the ultimate vending machine. When a unit is installed in your location, there are few costs. This gives you the unique pleasure of having little or no fixed expenses while selling a very strong product, which is well received.

The ATM dials a toll free number to our processor, who adds the surcharge amount and then sends the transaction to the customer’s bank for verification of funds & approval. Once authorization is received, approval is returned to the ATM, which dispenses the requested amount of cash.

Service for your ATM is just a phone call away. Our experienced technicians may be able to solve your ATM problem over the phone. Simply call our technical support desk at (877) 696-7286 and we can arrange for replacement parts and, if necessary, call out one of our nationwide service technicians to repair your ATM. We have local technicians in every US State and Canadian Province.

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